Right click your maid with a feather to place her in freedom mode. Every newly contracted maid will be in this mode. I’m using Xbox ONE. Please. Yes currently all the textures except the honeycomb were created by the original mod authors from the java mod, i am simply bringing those over to work for bedrock. Mysterious Pyramid map for MCBE 1.9+ As you know, the real pyramids hide a lot … Search. I cant get the mod to work on my phone… i added the resource and behaviour packs and turned on experimental gameplay but the stonecutter doesnt do anything…. From what i have gathered is older worlds have this issue but creating new worlds don’t for some reason. So could you please change the link to a direct download link while I really love this idea for a mod and it would be a big disappointment for me if I was unable to play it, Hey can you put slabs of all the blocks thanks, Hey is it possible to add the ability to craft stairs and slabs with the chiseled blocks ? I hope so because this can be for my zombie game. But if you do that then make it available for beta 1.14+. This is Rivers177, what textures are messed up for you? my lighthouse i built could use em. Added ability to craft chiseled blocks back into base material. After the unit passes through the Chisel he ceases to break tools. And I don’t want to risk using it I know if I accidently click somewhere else it downloads me a virus… SO DON’T USE ADF.LY, USE MEDIA FIRE ! Stairs and slabs aren’t possible to add yet with addons. Can you add (pumpkin & melon). Forgot to say make sure experimental gameplay is turned on! So if u could, put this mod on addons bc I really want to try it out :c, Whoever doesn’t rate 5 stars hasn’t actually read the page or downloaded. Try enabling experimental mode and activating both the resource and behavior pack when you create the world. Updated Manifest.json file to hopefully prevent crashes in 1.13. [1.7.10 - 1.8] littleMaidMob Final versions!!! Is that something I should do? 3- unzip contents of soundpack in mods folder, overwr when asked overwrite the old folder. MultiMC/instances/%INSTANCENAME&/minecraft/asssets/virtual/legacy/sound/ Make sure experimental gameplay setting is on or none of the blocks or recipes will show up. Thanks, It does not come out as a .zip on console, The file does not come out as a .zip for me on console. Sirve para xbox one? If you could make a zombie survival game map then that would be great. And it’s annoying because it won’t show up in the creative box to find. For god’s sake, PLEASE just send a mediafire link. I hope this helps someone download mods on iOS 13, Any people wondering how to work it on console just put the file in compress and add it, Great but add the futura block and chiseled redstone block, Great Addon! Is it possible at all to add glass to list? Um I can't find the updated 1.4.5 version of littlemaidmob, and when I use the download link it takes me to a japan page blocking me from the link. However currently with addons we can not add see through blocks but when we are able glass will be top priority! You’ll have to craft them or /give them to yourself. For me they show up in inventory, but i can’t stonecut them. You dont have to by the way, If it works for 1.14.4 even if I don’t say it, I downloaded it and it works perfectly, Wow man amazing work! Escorts will follow you around and pick up any items it detects. France! We are now in 1.16 beta. Hello there!!! iron, lead, nickel, platinum, silver, steel, tin and uranium. Are both the behavior and texture pack applied to the world? Ok, this addon is absolutely amazing and is tons of fun to build with, but the only reason i’m not giving it 5 stars is because the stone types and wood types havent been updated to match with the new 1.14 textures. It works, but might have bugs. Also Is The Block Organisers Able To Work With These Addon Blocks? Be sure to keep an eye out so you all can get the download! Cause that would be cool. Por favor alguien que me pueda aclarar la duda que tengo; pasa algo si directamente actualizo este addon, no se pierden las construcciones que tenía hechas?, se mantiene todo bien?, Gracias.