How can I arrange an appointment to see Mr Trivedi?

Your GP will be able to refer you to see Mr Trivedi. You will be seen within 1-2 weeks. If you do not have a GP referral please contact his secretary to book an appointment. Contact details

What will happen when I come for my appointment?

Mr Trivedi will ask you about your symptoms in detail. He will then proceed to examine you, with your permission. A chaperone will be present during the examination. The examination may involve a rectal examination using a finger in addition to placing a small scope (rigid sigmoidoscope) into your back passage to examine the lining of the rectum.

Mr Trivedi will then formulate an opinion and will discuss this with you. It may involve needing further tests or surgery. He will explain this all to you along with any potential risks so that you have input into your own care.

Which patients does Mr Trivedi see?

Mr Trivedi is happy to see any patients with a colorectal or general surgical problem. He sees insured and self pay patients at Runnymede and Princess Margaret Hospitals. He is a registered specialist with all the major insurance companies. He looks after NHS patients at Ashford & St. Peter's NHS Foundation Trust.

Where does Mr Trivedi practice?

Mr Trivedi sees private patients at the BMI Runnymede and Princess Margaret Hospitals. He sees NHS patients at Ashford & St. Peter's NHS Foundation Trust.

  • BMI Runnymede Hospital
    01932 877 800
    KT16 0RQ
  • BMI Princess Margaret Hospital
    01753 743 434
    SL4 3SJ