Groin hernias

Groin hernias are very common and are named according to the anatomical location into either inguinal hernia or femoral hernia. The patient experiences a lump in the groin which may or may not be painful. Surgical intervention as a planned procedure is recommended as there is a risk of bowel getting stuck within the hernia which could lead to requiring emergency surgery.

Umbilical/Paraumbilical Hernias

Umbilical/paraumbilical hernias are hernias around the belly button. They can cause discomfort occasionally and some individuals find them unsightly. Although bowel can sometimes get stuck in these hernias it is less common than in groin hernias.

Incisional Hernias

Sometimes patients develop a hernia through where they have previously had an operation (incisional hernia). The treatment for these at times challenging hernias is very much individualised.


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