What is colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is when a flexible scope is used to visualise the lining of the large bowel or colon. If any abnormalities are identified they can be biopsied. If a polyp (lump on the bowel) is seen it can be removed.

It is a procedure which is performed as a day case. Prior to arriving for your colonoscopy you will need to take bowel cleansing preparation. You will also need to restrict your diet in the days before the procedure. These steps are necessary in order to optimise Mr Trivedi's view of the lining of your bowel.

Will I be given any pain relief?

Mr Trivedi will adminster sedation (midazolam) and pain relief (fentanyl) medications through a cannula which is usually sited in your arm.

Are there any risks?

The main risk is one of perforation of the colon (hole in the bowel). The risk of this is commonly quoted as 1:1000. There is a risk of bleeding, particularly if polyps (lumps on the bowel) have been removed or biopsies have been taken but this usually resolves without the need for further intervention. There is a risk of missing lesions but this is not very common.